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Your Will is Not Enough!

Leaving one folder filled with this information will make your loved ones' lives much easier when you are gone.

  • Banking, credit card, and investment account names, numbers, and contact information;

  • Insurance policy information and account numbers;

  • A list of all properties and large assets, along with any loan information;

  • A list of all bills that you currently pay, with account names and numbers;

  • Computer account user names and passwords;

  • Safe deposit access information;

  • Partnership or corporate agreements;

  • Health care forms, such as Health Power of Attorney, DNR, and Organ Donation;

  • Burial instructions; and

  • Specific bequests of personal items.

Don't wait. You never know when a tragedy will strike in your life.

Wills, Powers of Attorney and Advanced Healthcare Directives are the most important documents you can have when it comes to making sure your friends and / or loved ones carry out your wishes when you are no longer able.

Call our office for a consultation with one of the experienced attorneys. 256-775-4444.

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